5 Actionable Ways to Increase Amazon Sales for Q4 in 2020 - Guest Blog by Buy Box Experts

5 Actionable Ways to Increase Amazon Sales for Q4 in 2020 - Guest Blog by Buy Box Experts

Tuesday, August 4, 2020Eric Zegarski

5 Actionable Ways to Increase Amazon Sales for Q4 in 2020 

Q4 is coming up fast! If any brand wants to dominate the busy holiday season, they’re going to need to amp up their sales strategy. 

First, Optimize Listings for Conversion

A product listing is often a brand’s only shot at representing themselves on Amazon, so it better be good. A product detail page should clearly explain the value of the product and showcase its benefits to the customer. If it doesn’t do this, brands can expect to lose out on a lot of sales.

Increase conversion by optimizing the listing. Brands can do this by:
  • Using high-quality images — Most customers haven’t seen the product in person and aren’t sure what to expect. Don’t leave them guessing. Increase their confidence by providing high-resolution, high-quality images.

Make all product images exceptional, read: How To Get the Perfect Amazon Images: Product Photography 101 to get more tips.
  • Including benefit-driven bullet points — The bullet points need to drive home what the product can do for the customer. 

Want to know how to write killer bullet points? Check out this blog post from Buy Box Experts: Amazon Bullet Points: Write Bullets That Earn Sales 
  • Earning reviews — A majority of customers rely on reviews to help them make an informed purchase decision. There are a few strategies to collect reviews, including using the “request a review” button, feedback software, and product inserts.
  • Receiving a thorough listing analysis — Buy Box Experts offers a free listing analysis where a seasoned Amazon consultant will review the listing and provide professional, personable insights on how to improve it. Schedule one today!

Second, Reinvigorate SEO to Drive Traffic

If brands want to increase conversion, they first need to drive the right kind of traffic to their listings. The right traffic describes customers who are looking to buy, not just browse.

Do keyword research to figure out what search terms potential customers are using to find products. Once a brand has gathered the top-performing keywords, they’ll need to implement them into both their listing’s content and their advertising strategy.  Find the best SEO practices here: 8 Amazon SEO Tips to Increase Organic Rank 

Need more help with keyword research? We’ve got you covered. Buy Box Experts can provide the top-performing, best-ranking 1,000 keywords of a brand’s category—for free. Schedule a consultation to get started. 

Third, Take Advantage of Amazon Advertising

There are three types of ads on Amazon, and a brand should know when to use each of them:
  1. Amazon Sponsored Product Ads — Use these ads to target customers in the “consideration stage” (or the middle stage) of the buyer’s journey. They know what type of product they want, but not sure which brand is best.
  2. Amazon Headline Search Ads — Use these ads to find customers in the “awareness stage” (the first stage) of the buyer’s journey. These ads are best for discovery (or awareness) campaigns. 
  3. Amazon Product Display Ads — Use these ads to retarget customers who may have already viewed the listing, but haven’t made a buying decision yet. 
A brand should also run a thorough ad audit across their account to ensure they’ll have the upper hand on Q4. Buy Box Experts provides a free Amazon Advertising Audit to brands looking to increase their conversion and sales. Set up an appointment today for a free Amazon Advertising Audit

Fourth, Leverage Amazon Seller Central Promotions 

Strategize Coupons
Merchants are charged $0.60 every time a customer redeems a coupon. In addition, Amazon requires a “coupon budget” that is affected by the $0.60 referral fee and the total value of the discount. For instance, if a brand is selling a product for $20, and a customer gets $10 off, the coupon budget will reduce by $10.60 each time a purchase is made. 

Make sure to set an appropriate budget to ensure that the coupon can be redeemed multiple times. A brand can run the promotion for all shoppers or make it exclusive by offering it to customers who’ve already purchased an item from their Amazon store. 

Buy 1, Get 1 Free
Amazon lets Seller Central account holders run “Buy 1, Get 1 Free” promotions based on order quantity or amount spent. However, this type of deal offers more than just “Buy 1 Get 1 Free.” Sellers can also choose to set the promotion to:
  • Spend at least X amount of dollars — For instance, if customers buy at least $50 worth of chocolates, they get a box free. 
  • Buy at least X amount of products — For example, if a person buys at least 2 boxes of chocolates, they get one free.

Schedule this type of deal by choosing a start and end date. Make sure to wait at least four hours before beginning any campaigns. If a seller tries to run the promotion within the 4-hour timeframe of setting it up, the promotion will be denied. So, be patient!

Fifth, Go After the Buy Box

The Amazon Buy Box is positioned to the right side of the product detail page with an “Add to Cart” button. For any product category, only one seller’s product will be featured in the Buy Box.

go after buy box

There are a few things that affect a seller’s chances of winning the Buy Box. 
  • Price — to find the best price, a seller will need to find ways to source items at the best rates. A brand can purchase directly from factories, use e-packet as the shipping method, request quotes from multiple suppliers, or get a trade discount by purchasing in bulk to reduce costs and lower the price. 
  • Delivery method — it’s no secret that Amazon prefers FBA (fulfilled by Amazon) sellers. After all, customers are heavily attracted to Prime’s two-day shipping. Consider getting FBA. 
  • Availability — make sure there’s ample supply. If a product goes out of stock, Amazon will give the Buy Box to the next best seller with enough inventory. 

Learn more about the Buy Box by reading this in-depth guide from Buy Box Experts: The Buy Box. Or, request a free listing analysis and personally speak with an Amazon consultant to determine how to best win the Buy Box within your category. 

Take Action, Makes Sales, Win Q4

Now is the time to prepare for Q4. If a brand follows these tips, they can significantly strengthen their sales strategy and set themselves up for success in the fourth quarter. 

Interested in learning more about Q4 prep in 2020, even amidst the COVID-19 crisis? Read this informative blog post from Buy Box Experts: How to Use Q3 to Have an Outstanding Q4.

For even more, powerful tips on how to improve a listing’s conversion and traffic, schedule a free listing analysis with Buy Box Experts. Our Amazon consultants will explain exactly what needs to be done to enhance the listing in question. 

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