How a CRM integration solution can empower your sales team...

How a CRM integration solution can empower your sales team...

Thursday, August 17, 2017Lauren Macdonald Often when we talk about CRM integration with back-office accounting/ERP systems, we think of it in terms of the value it creates for our accountants and bookkeepers. When we look at CRM integration as a time-saver for these people, we often think about benefits such as invoices populating directly in the CRM system, customer data always being accurate and updated immediately, billing addresses being shared across business systems, etc.

While these are all great things and will certainly save our accounting/bookkeeping teams a lot of headaches, there’s other important people that will benefit from CRM integration as well… our Sales team!
Salespeople will benefit from a CRM integration solution because it will empower them to sell more efficiently because integration will create seamless communication between departments. Here’s some examples:
  • At a quick glance, a salesperson can see if a customer has any pending support tickets or issues left unresolved
  • A salesperson will be able to see if there has been any billing or payment issues (i.e. payments overdue, credit risks, etc.)
  • Before calling a prospect/lead, a salesperson can understand what products they currently own and make an informed pitch about what they can purchase to enhance or complement their current products
  • With integration to a marketing automation tool, a salesperson can see what emails, and promotional material a prospect has received, opened, clicked on, etc.
All of these examples, plus countless others, show how CRM integration can provide helpful information for salespeople which will empower them to sell more.

At eBridge, we’re no stranger to CRM integration solutions. Here’s a few of the most common requests for integration that we come across:

  • Salesforce to Sage 100, 300, 500, or X3
  • Salesforce to SAP Business One, or SAP ECC
  • Salesforce to MS Dynamics AX, GP, SL, NAV, or 365
  • Salesforce to NetSuite
  • Salesforce to Epicor
  • MS Dynamics CRM to Sage 100, 300, 500, or X3
  • MS Dynamics CRM to SAP Business One, or SAP ECC
  • MS Dynamics CRM to MS Dynamics AX, GP, SL, NAV, or 365
  • MS Dynamics CRM to NetSuite
  • MS Dynamics CRM to Epicor
It’s also very common for clients to go a step further and connect their eCommerce platform or online marketplace into the integration solution as well. In addition to their accounting/ERP and CRM system, clients will also typically integrate their online stores like Shopify, Magento, BigCommerce, Amazon, eBay, 3dcart, ChannelAdvisor, Volusion, etc.

Here’s a quick read that describes how Wild Apple enacted a CRM integration solution between MS Dynamics GP and Salesforce in order to synchronize data and do business more efficiently.

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