Why connecting Southware to your online store makes a whole lot of sense

Why connecting Southware to your online store makes a whole lot of sense

Monday, August 22, 2016Lindsay Hampson Calling all online retailers. Do you wish SouthWare was integrated with your eCommerce store?

Your orders are coming in and you’re making money. Life is good. But is the data exchange between your eCommerce platform and your accounting platform manual and slow? Missing an order, forgetting a shipping notice, or sending a slow invoice causes upset customers, bad reviews, and a drag on your bottom line.

Slow communications between systems can equal fines from eCommerce platforms or suspensions from your customers.

Unfortunately, most eCommerce platforms and accounting/ERP systems are designed in isolation and often use dissimilar data formats that don’t speak to each other effectively.

Integrate Southware with eCommerce

Connecting to SouthWare Makes Sense

Connecting SouthWare and your online store makes sense. Connecting systems, however, can be complex and requires careful planning and the proper technology for a successful implementation.

Who’s Already Connected to SouthWare?
Several SouthWare users like you have decided it makes more sense to integrate the two systems together. SouthWare + an online Magento ecommerce store, for example. With such an integration, new customer creation happens on the fly, and orders go in and are processed without human intervention. Transactions are faster, manual data entry is gone – it’s kind of like magic!

You Want to Connect, But How?
Start searching for a provider to help with integration and gather a list of must have connections (or touchpoints).

A few questions to get you started:
  • If looking to outsource the integration, has the provider created a connection between SouthWare and an eCommerce platform before? (You don’t want to be the guinea pig.)
  • Can they handle the number of connections you’ll need to make?
  • What if you add another store?
  • What if you want to upgrade platforms?
  • Will you be supported 24/7? (Orders happen, even when the sun is down.)
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