Earth Day 2020 - eBridge Sustainability Initiative Update

Earth Day 2020 - eBridge Sustainability Initiative Update

Wednesday, April 22, 2020Eric Zegarski

An Earth Day Update on Our Sustainability Initiative 

At the start of January, we announced our 2020 sustainability initiative. eBridge is committed to planting a tree for every workflow we sell in 2020. We decided to undertake this initiative after evaluating our performance during BFCM (Black Friday Cyber Monday). We processed over 5 million transactions for our customers. Without an integration solution from eBridge, those transactions would’ve been processed manually and required the use of paper. According to ConservaTree, 1 tree equals 8,333 sheets of paper. With some simple division, we can estimate that approximately 600 trees would’ve been consumed.  

With that in mind, we decided that we can make a bigger impact. eBridge is proud to announce that last quarter we sold 317 different workflows. Therefore, we’ll be able to plant 317 trees through #TeamTrees. As the year goes on, we’ll be making quarterly updates as to how many new trees will be planted. If we all undertake a small sustainability initiative, then together we can make our planet a bit greener for everyone.  


Happy Earth Day 2020 from Team eBridge

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