Essential COVID-19 eCommerce Resources

Essential COVID-19 eCommerce Resources

Tuesday, April 21, 2020Eric Zegarski

Essential COVID-19 eCommerce Resources  

The commerce landscape has changed. Many businesses need to pivot and adapt their business model in order to outlast the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic. As a result, the eCommerce community has come together and undertaken initiatives to help one another out. Below, you'll find COVID-19 resources that you might find helpful. If not, pass them along to someone in your network that can benefit from one of these resources. 

Getting a Restaurant Online with Shopify  

Many restaurants are utilizing Uber Eats and SkipTheDishes to get online. However, by going online with Shopify, they can own their customers, master their marketing, and keep more revenue in their business. We also dive into common roadblocks someone taking their restaurant online with Shopify might face. We look at how someone can get around them.  

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OFFLINE2ON - Helping Businesses Get Online During COVID-19

OFFLINE2ON is made up of over 900+ technologists, designers, writers, marketers, PR professionals, and industry leaders. These members are from all over the e-commerce space. They work with platforms like Shopify, BigCommerce, Magento, and more. Many of our agency and tech partners are a part of this initiative!  

Their mission is the following, which is all FREE:  
  • Provide a centralized source of unbiased information to merchants. 
  • Provide a place for merchants to request help. 
  • Provide a place for e-commerce professionals to provide help. 
  • Connect helpers with those needing help with aim of bringing offline customers online within one week. 
  • Bring the e-commerce community together and attempt to resolve challenges around shipping, distribution, and staffing. 

This resource is great for anyone who needs expert advice in getting their bsuiness online with eCommerce in this uncertain time.  

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EcommStrong  - Educational eCommerce Resources From BigCommerce

BigCommerce has compiled a database of eCommerce related resources. During this COVID-19 pandemic, BigCommerce is here to support you, and stand by you. 

No matter what the world brings, BigCommerce is committed to helping their customers, employees and partners remain EcommStrong. The entire BigCommerce community is here to help you and your business overcome this challenge and come out stronger on the other side. Therefore they have an extensive library of DIY webinars dealing with topics like optimizing your shipping to website SEO. In addition, you’ll find extra educational programs and blogs about limiting the effects COVID-19  on your business processes.  

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Shopgate - Curbside Pickup Functionality 

Social distancing is key to flattening the COVID-19 curve. COVID-19 is not only forcing us to change how we do business today; it’s redefining how customers will shop moving forward. When the world changes, we must adapt. Many essential businesses that are required to stay open and are offering curbside pickup. This encourages minimal human to human contact while allowing these businesses to remain open.  

With a simple pick up curbside solution from Shopgate you can quickly regain control of your business, deliver products and smiles to your customers safely, and keep your delivery experience high-touch. 

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ShipStation - Global Delivery Updates  

ShipStation is working to keep you informed on the latest developments stemming from the recent outbreak of COVID-19. They know that as members of the communities you serve, businesses like yours may be experiencing unexpected challenges during this time. While we all wait for what comes next, ShipStation wants to let you know where they and many of their partners currently stand. ShipStation will continue to keep you updated on anything that can impact or improve your shipping experience. Below you'll find a link to a page that they update DAILY with new COVID-19 related developments related to shipping. ShipStation has updates about fulfillment services from providers such as:  
  • Amazon  
  • FedEx 
  • USPS 
  • Canada Post 
  • Royal Mail 

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We're here to help too! eBridge has over 200+ agency and technology partners in the eCommerce space. If you have any questions, feel free to reach out and we'll pair you up with the right agency or tech resource. 

Stay safe and much ❤️ from Team eBridge 

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