News about Security and Privacy Compliance at eBridge Connections

News about Security and Privacy Compliance at eBridge Connections

Wednesday, April 11, 2018Lindsay Hampson eBridge Connections is diligent with customer data.  As a trusted partner of BigCommerce, Shopify, Magento, Microsoft, NetSuite, SAP, Sage, ShipStation, and many others, and an integration provider for merchants across the world, we take data security and privacy seriously.  We are current on new compliance laws in North America and Europe, and familiar with how our partners comply as well.  The important news: eBridge never mines any customer data. 

Our eBridge Connections HQ is in Burlington, Ontario, Canada, and our eBridge integration Cloud (eiCloud) platform is hosted on Microsoft Azure.  Microsoft Azure is an enterprise-trusted cloud servicing clients around the world.  

All eiCloud data calls required for integration flows for customers are individually authenticated using user ID and encrypted passwords.  In that, every call requires authentication – there is no rest of security access.  

The cloud-based platform may receive credit card authorization numbers from partners like BigCommerce, and provide interfaces to process the request to the ERP, however, we do not store credit card details as either encrypted or plain text.  

All access to and modifications to our data are recorded, documented and available both to the individual company and to our administrators.  

We don’t keep any information regarding the content of documents or any personal information and NEVER sell or mine any of it.

Finally, eBridge proudly uses Microsoft Azure security:  

Read our privacy policy anytime here.

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