3 Shopify merchants put eBridge to the test with their ERP and accounting integrations

3 Shopify merchants put eBridge to the test with their ERP and accounting integrations

Monday, April 2, 2018Lindsay Hampson

Shopify integration with ERP and accounting systems

3 Shopify merchants trusted eBridge with the lifeblood of their business: managing their new sales orders. 

Here are their integration stories, one at a time.  


ONE - Rad Power Bikes - Microsoft Dynamics GP

Rad Power Bikes

Shopify connected to Microsoft dynamics GP

To continue selling electric bikes online using their Shopify Plus powered store, Rad Power Bikes knew they needed to enable an automated sales ordering process that would increase their eCommerce efficiency and allow their business to grow.

Why they needed integration

At the forefront of electric vehicle technology development, there has been no shortage of success for Rad Power Bikes since its founding in 2007. But with great success, often comes a few growing pains, and as Rad Power Bikes grew, they quickly realized that automating their order processing would be crucial to their business’s success in the future.

Rather than manually enter orders, inventory, shipping information, etc., between their Shopify Plus store and their Microsoft Dynamics GP back-office system, they knew that their accounting team would benefit from an integration solution that could automate the flow of data and maximize efficiency.

They learned that eBridge has pre-built connectors for Shopify Plus and for Microsoft Dynamics GP. This meant they had found a company that wouldn’t have to reinvent the wheel in order to get their integration solution up and running.

Rad Power Bikes could simply use the pre-built connectors as a starting point, and with the help of eBridge Connections’ implementation team, configure the connectors and add customizations that would help flow the data exactly the way Rad Power Bikes needed it to flow.

What made eBridge Connections the best fit?

Rad Power Bikes needed an integration solution that could scale along with their growing business. What they found ‘rad’ about eBridge Connections’ integration platform was its universality and the way connectors could be added or removed with ease. This means if they change any of their business systems down the road, they can simply add or remove connectors while keeping their integration solution intact.

TWO - Char Griller - Microsoft Dynamics GP


Microsoft dynamics GP integration and sync with eBridge
Why did Char-Griller approach eBridge Connections?
“I am looking for more information on your Shopify integration. We use Microsoft Dynamics GP as our ERP and are looking to understand how y’all integrate with Shopify and the pricing associated with that.” 

Nick was the Web Development and Content Marketing Manager at Char-Griller. When he wrote to eBridge, he was still relatively new to Char-Griller, but he could already tell that their Shopify website was going to turn impressive numbers of transactions each month, and it needed to be ‘hooked up’ to their back-office ERP in order to save their employees time.

How did the integration project unfold?
Char-Griller was given an account on eBridge Connections’ platform. Then, a dedicated Project Manager was assigned to help bridge the pre-built connection between Char-Griller’s Microsoft Dynamics GP ERP and their Shopify store.
Now the work moved to setting up automated work flows for the different tasks Char-Griller wanted to automate. 
Order data in Shopify was not displayed exactly as it needed to be when it moved through to Microsoft Dynamics GP, so translations were setup and shared business rules were turned on by an eBridge expert to manipulate the data across the disparate systems. 
Once order fields like name, SKU, quantity, address, payment type, and price were identified in Shopify and flowing correctly into eBridge’s integration platform and over to the MS Dynamics GP ERP in the correct format, the other 3 work flows were worked on and completed in this same way; product details, inventory, and shipment. This even included seamlessly flowing information about coupon codes to and from the systems. It was easy working alongside Nick to get product and pricing set up, too.  
And then, the fun part began – testing in production to make sure it all worked in real life.

Test result: It worked.  

“Life at Char-Griller is better now with eBridge integration,” says Nick.  


THREE - Wilson Electronics - Sage 100 ERP

Wilson Electronics

Sage 100 GP integrated and synced with Shopify

In order to keep their business running smoothly and efficiently, Wilson Electronics needed some connectivity help. That’s why they decided to reach out to eBridge Connections and request a reliable integration between their back-office Sage 100 ERP and the Shopify Plus store they use to sell their products online to customers worldwide.

The situation

There is no shortage of people out there looking for the best of the best when it comes to reliable cell phone service. This has been great news for Wilson Electronics who have seen their weBoost, WilsonPro, and zBoost products fly off the virtual shelves as customers eagerly order their products to enhance their cell phone signals.
However, all of these online orders have resulted in Wilson Electronics being busier than ever with manual data entry to and from their Sage 100 ERP and Shopify Plus store in order to keep up with the fulfillment side of their business.

A robust eBridge Connections integration solution that would automate order entry between Sage 100 and Shopify Plus.

Thankfully, eBridge Connections was able to step up to the plate and save this awesome company a lot of time and energy previously spent on keying in orders. With an automated integration solution between Sage 100 and Shopify Plus in place, the team over at Wilson Electronics can now focus on growing their business while resting assured that their order and fulfilment process is more streamlined and efficient.

“We are loving the eBridge Connections solution we’ve implemented,” said Kyle Brandt, Database Technician at Wilson Electronics, Inc. “This has saved us at least 10 hours a week on just the fulfillment side. This new process has helped streamline the way our orders are inputted into Sage 100, and our team couldn’t be happier with the automation.”

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