Accounting integration is there to keep your business running smoothly...

Accounting integration is there to keep your business running smoothly...

Tuesday, April 11, 2017Lauren Macdonald One thing we often hear from sellers (even the most organized ones), is that when life throws unexpected curve balls, or just flat out gets busy, keeping up with orders and maintaining happy customers can become a tricky task.

Here’s some examples of situations when order entry might get interrupted, delayed, or put on the ‘back-burner’ for other higher priority tasks:
  • When you (or a family member) get sick.
  • When you’re on vacation. (Have you ever been so stressed about finding someone to handle your business while you’re away that it took half the excitement out of going on vacation?).
  • On Holidays. Enough said.
  • Retail-crazy-days like Black Friday and Cyber Monday where you just can’t keep up no matter how hard you try.
  • When the weather just won’t cooperate and unexpected power outages shut down your ability to process orders completely.
  • When the manual data entry person you hired to help out unexpectedly quits or takes a leave of absence.
  • When you just straight up need a break (No shame in that!).
The reality is things come up and sometimes you need the ‘magic answer’ that will offer peace of mind in knowing that your business can carry on without you when ‘life happens’.

The good news is a magic answer actually exists.

Simply put, accounting integration solutions are designed to keep the sellers business running smoothly when the seller themselves can’t.

They relieve the unnecessary stress and allow you to take a step away from your business without having to wonder how orders will be managed in your absence. They also manage your orders for you when you physically can’t get online to manage them yourself (so yes, you can enjoy thunderstorms again). In fact, even if you can get online, an accounting integration solution means you just don’t have to.
Here’s how an accounting integration solution works:

With accounting integration your orders, inventory, shipping info, customer data, and more, will flow back and forth between your accounting system, online store, CRM application, or EDI trading partners without the need for human intervention of any kind.

The days of hiring someone to handle your manual data entry or being afraid to take a vacation will be a thing of the past.
A real-life example of accounting integration ‘saving the day’:

Not too long ago one of our customers posted on their website that high winds were affecting their online systems, but that customers could rest assured that their orders were still being processed. This was thanks to their eBridge Connections accounting integration solution that was ensuring orders to and from their Microsoft Dynamics GP accounting application were still flowing smoothly despite the weather-related technical issues they were experiencing.

Discover how integrating your accounting with your eCommerce and EDI can save your day.

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