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Here's How Our iPaaS Solution Integrates Amazon & eBay 

It’s no secret that we offer a number of powerful connectors that can improve business efficiency and decrease operating expenses for eCommerce merchants. Among these are integration solutions for Amazon and eBay.

What might not be known is that we can deliver bi-directional integrations with these marketplace giants via our iPaaS! “I know that you can move Amazon and eBay orders into our ERP but I was informed that your solution wasn’t bi-directional,” mentioned an interested caller recently.

This means that a number of different types of data can be exchanged out of and into Amazon and eBay through our integration platform. These include:
  • Orders
  • Shipment updates (tracking numbers)
  • Inventory
  • Product Data
What does this mean for you as a seller?

Not only do you benefit from expedited order processing but you can also keep your eCommerce marketplaces up to date. You’ll be able to boost your Amazon and eBay seller ratings by updating orders with shipment tracking numbers, and help you avoid orders being placed for out of stock or mispriced items!

A bi-directional iPaaS solution can drastically reduce the amount of manual data entry by eliminating the need to re-key data into your ERP or marketplaces. This leads to more efficient business processes and a reduction in data entry mistakes that can be very costly.

What does this mean for your customers?

In addition to speeding up the overall process, you can expect to see an increase in customer satisfaction. By automating the exchange of shipment tracking numbers from your ERP to your Amazon/eBay store, you’ll be able to keep your customers up-to-date on the status of their orders and minimize phone calls and emails to your support team.

Read about the iPaaS solution in action!

We’ve delivered a number of successful bi-directional integrations over the last few years, but there are a couple of customer examples that really stand out!

GSS Gear – “The integration with Amazon has saved us so much time and effort. It’s incredible. We would not be able to keep up with order processing if it were to be done manually. We can also reflect what we actually have in inventory on Amazon. There is no way we could know what our inventory count is for a specific SKU at any given time if it weren’t for the integration.” Read more here

Century Shower Door – “We’ve been with eBridge for over a year now and I can’t express how thrilled we are with our integration project. Not having to input all of our Amazon FBA & Non-FBA orders into our accounting package has saved us so much time and alleviated all data transfer errors.”

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